Getting Started with SimPEG


  • Python 3.5 (or 2.7)
  • NumPy 1.8 (or greater)
  • SciPy 0.13 (or greater)
  • matplotlib 1.3 (or greater)
  • Cython 0.20 (or greater)

Installing Python

Python is available on all major operating systems, but if you are getting started with python it is best to use a package manager such as Continuum Anaconda or Enthought Canopy. You can download the package manager and use it to install the dependencies above.


When using Continuum Anaconda, make sure to run:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda

Installing SimPEG

SimPEG is on pip!!:

pip install SimPEG

Installing from Source

First (you need git):

git clone

Second (from the root of the simpeg repository):

python install


Windows users A common error when installing the is: Missing linker, needs MSC v.1500 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008) Runtime Library

The missing library can be found here <>