Maps: Mesh2MeshΒΆ

This mapping allows you to go from one mesh to another.

Fine Mesh (Original), Course Mesh, Fine Mesh (Interpolated)


/Users/josephcapriotti/codes/simpeg/examples/01-maps/ UserWarning: Matplotlib is currently using agg, which is a non-GUI backend, so cannot show the figure.

import discretize
from SimPEG import maps, utils
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def run(plotIt=True):

    M = discretize.TensorMesh([100, 100])
    h1 = utils.meshTensor([(6, 7, -1.5), (6, 10), (6, 7, 1.5)])
    h1 = h1 / h1.sum()
    M2 = discretize.TensorMesh([h1, h1])
    V = utils.model_builder.randomModel(M.vnC, seed=79, its=50)
    v = utils.mkvc(V)
    modh = maps.Mesh2Mesh([M, M2])
    modH = maps.Mesh2Mesh([M2, M])
    H = modH * v
    h = modh * H

    if not plotIt:

    ax = plt.subplot(131)
    M.plotImage(v, ax=ax)
    ax.set_title("Fine Mesh (Original)")
    ax = plt.subplot(132)
    M2.plotImage(H, clim=[0, 1], ax=ax)
    ax.set_title("Course Mesh")
    ax = plt.subplot(133)
    M.plotImage(h, clim=[0, 1], ax=ax)
    ax.set_title("Fine Mesh (Interpolated)")

if __name__ == "__main__":

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