TDEM: WaveformsΒΆ

In this example, we plot the waveforms available in the TDEM module in addition to the StepOffWaveform



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import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from SimPEG.Utils import mkvc
from SimPEG.EM import TDEM

nT = 1000
max_t = 5e-3
times = max_t * np.arange(0, nT) / float(nT)

# create the waveforms
ramp_off = TDEM.Src.RampOffWaveform(offTime=max_t)
vtem = TDEM.Src.VTEMWaveform()
trapezoid = TDEM.Src.TrapezoidWaveform(
    ramp_on=np.r_[0., 1.5e-3],  ramp_off=max_t-np.r_[1.5e-3, 0]
quarter_sine = TDEM.Src.QuarterSineRampOnWaveform(
    ramp_on=np.r_[0., 1.5e-3],  ramp_off=max_t-np.r_[1.5e-3, 0]

waveforms = dict(zip(
        'RampOffWaveform', 'VTEMWaveform', 'TrapezoidWaveform',
    [ramp_off, vtem, trapezoid, quarter_sine]

# plot the waveforms
fig, ax = plt.subplots(2, 2, figsize=(7, 7))
ax = mkvc(ax)

for a, key in zip(ax, waveforms):
    wave = waveforms[key]
    wave_plt = [wave.eval(t) for t in times]
    a.plot(times, wave_plt)
    a.set_xlabel('time (s)')


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