Frequency-Domain EM (SimPEG.electromagnetics.frequency_domain)#

About frequency_domain



Simulation class for simulating the FEM response over a 1D layered Earth for a single sounding.

Simulation3DElectricField(mesh[, survey, ...])

By eliminating the magnetic flux density using

Simulation3DMagneticFluxDensity(mesh[, ...])

We eliminate \(\mathbf{e}\) using

Simulation3DCurrentDensity(mesh[, survey, ...])

We eliminate \(mathbf{h}\) using

Simulation3DMagneticField(mesh[, survey, ...])

We eliminate \(mathbf{j}\) using


receivers.PointElectricField(locations[, ...])

Measure FDEM electric field at a point.


Measure FDEM total field magnetic flux density at a point.


Measure FDEM secondary magnetic flux density at a point.

receivers.PointMagneticField(locations[, ...])

Measure FDEM total magnetic field at a point.

receivers.PointCurrentDensity(locations[, ...])

Measure FDEM current density at a point.


sources.RawVec_e(receiver_list, frequency, ...)

User-provided electric source term (s_e) class.

sources.RawVec_m(receiver_list, frequency, ...)

User-provided magnetic source term (s_m) class.

sources.RawVec(receiver_list, frequency, ...)

User-provided electric (s_e) and magnetic (s_m) source terms.

sources.MagDipole(receiver_list, frequency)

Point magnetic dipole source calculated by taking the curl of a magnetic vector potential.

sources.MagDipole_Bfield(receiver_list, ...)

Point magnetic dipole source calculated with the analytic solution for the fields from a magnetic dipole.

sources.CircularLoop(receiver_list, frequency)

Circular loop magnetic source calculated by taking the curl of a magnetic vector potential.

sources.PrimSecSigma([receiver_list, ...])


sources.PrimSecMappedSigma([receiver_list, ...])

Primary-Secondary Source in which a mapping is provided to put the current model onto the primary mesh.

sources.LineCurrent([receiver_list, ...])

Line current source.


survey.Survey(source_list, **kwargs)

Frequency domain electromagnetic survey


Fields3DElectricField(simulation[, ...])

Fields object for Simulation3DElectricField.

Fields3DMagneticFluxDensity(simulation[, ...])

Fields object for Simulation3DMagneticFluxDensity.

Fields3DCurrentDensity(simulation[, ...])

Fields object for Simulation3DCurrentDensity.

Fields3DMagneticField(simulation[, ...])

Fields object for Simulation3DMagneticField.

Base Classes#

survey.Survey(source_list, **kwargs)

Frequency domain electromagnetic survey

sources.BaseFDEMSrc(receiver_list, frequency)

Base FDEM source class

receivers.BaseRx(locations[, orientation, ...])

Base FDEM receivers class.

simulation.BaseFDEMSimulation(mesh[, ...])

We start by looking at Maxwell's equations in the electric field (\(\mathbf{e}\)) and the magnetic flux density (\(\mathbf{b}\))

fields.FieldsFDEM(simulation[, knownFields, ...])

Fancy Field Storage for a FDEM survey.