Static Utilities (SimPEG.electromagnetics.utils)#

Electrode Utilities#

electrode_separations(survey_object[, ...])

Calculate horizontal separation between specific or all electrodes.

pseudo_locations(survey[, wenner_tolerance])

Calculates the pseudo-sensitivity locations for 2D and 3D surveys.

geometric_factor(survey_object[, space_type])

Calculate geometric factor for every datum.

apparent_resistivity_from_voltage(survey, volts)

Calculate apparent resistivities from normalized voltages.

convert_survey_3d_to_2d_lines(survey, lineID)

Convert a 3D survey into a list of local 2D surveys.

Plotting Utilities#

plot_pseudosection(data[, dobs, plot_type, ...])

Plot 2D DC/IP data in pseudo-section.

plot_3d_pseudosection(survey, dvec[, ...])

Plot 3D DC/IP data in pseudo-section as a scatter plot.

Survey Creation Utilities#

generate_survey_from_abmn_locations(*[, ...])

Use A, B, M and N electrode locations to construct a 2D or 3D DC/IP survey.

generate_dcip_survey(endl, survey_type, a, b, n)

Load in endpoints and survey specifications to generate Tx, Rx location stations.

generate_dcip_sources_line(survey_type, ...)

Generate the source list for a 2D or 3D DC/IP survey line.

gen_3d_survey_from_2d_lines(survey_type, a, ...)

Generate 3D DC survey using generate_dcip_survey function.

Mesh Utilities#

gettopoCC(mesh, ind_active[, option])

Generate surface topography from active indices of mesh.

drapeTopotoLoc(mesh, pts[, ind_active, ...])

Drape locations right below discretized surface topography

genTopography(mesh, zmin, zmax[, seed, its, ...])

Generate random topography

closestPointsGrid(grid, pts[, dim])

Move a list of points to the closest points on a grid.