Gravity Simulation (SimPEG.potential_fields.gravity)#

About gravity


Simulation3DIntegral(mesh[, rho, rhoMap, ...])

Gravity simulation in integral form.

SimulationEquivalentSourceLayer(mesh, ...)

Equivalent source layer simulations

Simulation3DDifferential(mesh[, rho, rhoMap])

Finite volume simulation class for gravity.

Survey, Sources and Receivers#

Point(locations[, components])

Point receiver class for gravity simulations


Source field for gravity integral formulation

Survey(source_field, **kwargs)

Base Gravity Survey

Analytic functions#

analytics.GravSphereFreeSpace(x, y, z, R, ...)

Computing the gravity response of a sphere in free-space.

analytics.GravityGradientSphereFreeSpace(x, ...)

Computing the induced response of magnetic sphere in free-space.