Magnetics Simulation (SimPEG.potential_fields.magnetics)#

About magnetics


Simulation3DIntegral(mesh[, chi, chiMap, ...])

magnetic simulation in integral form.

SimulationEquivalentSourceLayer(mesh, ...)

Equivalent source layer simulation

Simulation3DDifferential(mesh[, survey])

Secondary field approach using differential equations!

Survey, Source and Receiver Classes#

Point(locations[, components])

Magnetic point receiver class for integral formulation

UniformBackgroundField([receiver_list, ...])

A constant uniform background magnetic field.

Survey(source_field, **kwargs)

Base Magnetics Survey


analytics.IDTtoxyz(Inc, Dec, Btot)

Convert from Inclination, Declination, Total intensity of earth field to x, y, z

analytics.MagSphereAnaFun(x, y, z, R, x0, ...)

test Analytic function for Magnetics problem.

analytics.MagSphereAnaFunA(x, y, z, R, xc, ...)

Computing boundary condition using Congrous sphere method.

analytics.MagSphereFreeSpace(x, y, z, R, xc, ...)

Computing the induced response of magnetic sphere in free-space.