Magnetics Simulation (SimPEG.potential_fields.magnetics)#

About magnetics


Simulation3DIntegral(mesh[, chi, chiMap, ...])

magnetic simulation in integral form.

SimulationEquivalentSourceLayer(mesh, ...)

Equivalent source layer simulation

Simulation3DDifferential(mesh[, survey])

Secondary field approach using differential equations!

Survey, Source and Receiver Classes#

Point(locations[, components])

Magnetic point receiver class for integral formulation

UniformBackgroundField([receiver_list, ...])

A constant uniform background magnetic field.

Survey(source_field, **kwargs)

Base Magnetics Survey


analytics.IDTtoxyz(Inc, Dec, Btot)

Convert from Inclination, Declination, Total intensity of earth field to x, y, z

analytics.MagSphereAnaFun(x, y, z, R, x0, ...)


analytics.MagSphereAnaFunA(x, y, z, R, xc, ...)

Computing boundary condition using Congrous sphere method.

analytics.MagSphereFreeSpace(x, y, z, R, xc, ...)

Computing the induced response of magnetic sphere in free-space.