class SimPEG.electromagnetics.frequency_domain.receivers.PointMagneticField(locations, orientation='x', component='real', **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: BaseRx

Measure FDEM total magnetic field at a point.

locations(n_loc, n_dim) numpy.ndarray

Receiver locations.

orientation{‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’}

Receiver orientation.

component{‘real’, ‘imag’, ‘both’, ‘complex’}

Component of the receiver; i.e. ‘real’ or ‘imag’. The options ‘both’ and ‘complex’ are only available for the 1D layered simulations.

data_type{‘field’, ‘ppm’}

Data type observed by the receiver, either field, or ppm secondary of the total field.

use_source_receiver_offsetbool, optional

Whether to interpret the receiver locations as defining the source and receiver offset.


data_type, use_source_receiver_offset, and the options of ‘both’ and ‘complex’ for component are only implemented for the Simulation1DLayered.