property BaseRx.geometric_factor#

Calculate geometric factor for every receiver.

Consider you have current electrodes A and B, and potential electrodes M and N. Let \(R_{AM}\) represents the scalar horizontal distance between electrodes A and M; likewise for \(R_{BM}\), \(R_{AN}\) and \(R_{BN}\). The geometric factor is given by:

\[G = \frac{1}{C} \bigg [ \frac{1}{R_{AM}} - \frac{1}{R_{BM}} - \frac{1}{R_{AN}} + \frac{1}{R_{BN}} \bigg ]\]

where \(C=2\pi\) for a halfspace and \(C=4\pi\) for a wholespace.

(nD) numpy.ndarray

Geometric factor for each datum