SimPEG.electromagnetics.static.spectral_induced_polarization.spectral_ip_mappings(mesh, indActive=None, inactive_eta=0.0001, inactive_tau=0.0001, inactive_c=0.0001, is_log_eta=True, is_log_tau=True, is_log_c=True)[source]#

Generates Mappings for Spectral Induced Polarization Simulation. Three parameters are required to be input: Chargeability (eta), Time constant (tau), and Frequency dependency (c). If there is no topography (indActive is None), model (m) can be either set to

m = np.r_[log(eta), log(tau), log(c)] or m = np.r_[eta, tau, c]

When indActive is not None, m is

m = np.r_[log(eta[indAcitve]), log(tau[indAcitve]), log(c[indAcitve])] or m = np.r_[eta[indAcitve], tau[indAcitve], c[indAcitve]] or

TODO: Illustrate input and output variables