SimPEG.electromagnetics.static.utils.drapeTopotoLoc(mesh, pts, ind_active=None, option='top', topo=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Drape locations right below discretized surface topography

This function projects the set of locations provided to the discrete surface topography.

meshdiscretize.TensorMesh or discretize.TreeMesh

A 2D tensor or tree mesh

pts(n, dim) numpy.ndarray

The set of points being projected to the discretize surface topography

ind_activenumpy.ndarray of int or bool, optional

Index array for all cells lying below the surface topography. Surface topography can be specified using the ‘ind_active’ or ‘topo’ input parameters.

option{“top”, “center”}

Define whether the cell center or entire cell of actice cells must be below the topography. The topography is defined using the ‘topo’ input parameter.

topo(n, dim) numpy.ndarray

Surface topography. Can be used if an active indices array cannot be provided for the input parameter ‘ind_active’