SimPEG.electromagnetics.utils.line_through_faces(mesh, locations, normalize_by_area=True, check_divergence=True, tolerance_divergence=1e-09)[source]#

Define line current through cell faces

Define the current through cell faces given path locations. Note that this will perform best of your path locations are at cell centers. Only paths that align with the mesh (e.g. a straight line in x, y, z) are currently supported


The OctTreeMesh (3D) for the system.

normalize_by_areabool, default: True

If True, normalize by face area

check_divergencebool, default: True

If True, carry out divergence check

tolerance_divergence: float, default: 1e-9

Tolerance for divergence check

(mesh.n_faces) numpy.ndarray

Line current source on faces