class SimPEG.meta.MultiprocessingRepeatedSimulation(simulation, mappings, n_processes=None)[source]#

Bases: MultiprocessingMetaSimulation, RepeatedSimulation

A multiprocessing version of the RepeatedSimulation.

This class makes use of a single simulation that is copied to each internal process, but only once per process.

This simulation shares internals with the MultiprocessingMetaSimulation. class, as such please see that documentation for details regarding how to properly use multiprocessing on your operating system.


The simulation to use repeatedly with different mappings.

mappings(n_sim) list of SimPEG.maps.IdentityMap

The list of different mappings to use.


The number of processes to spawn internally. This will default to multiprocessing.cpu_count(). The number of processes spawned will be the minimum of this number and the number of simulations.