Simulation3DIntegral.evaluate_integral(receiver_location, components)[source]#

Load in the active nodes of a tensor mesh and computes the magnetic forward relation between a cuboid and a given observation location outside the Earth [obsx, obsy, obsz]

INPUT: receiver_location: [obsx, obsy, obsz] nC x 3 Array

components: list[str]

List of magnetic components chosen from: ‘tmi’, ‘bx’, ‘by’, ‘bz’, ‘bxx’, ‘bxy’, ‘bxz’, ‘byy’, ‘byz’, ‘bzz’, ‘tmi_x’, ‘tmi_y’, ‘tmi_z’

OUTPUT: Tx = [Txx Txy Txz] Ty = [Tyx Tyy Tyz] Tz = [Tzx Tzy Tzz]