SimPEG.utils.io_utils.read_dcipoctree_ubc(file_name, data_type)[source]#

Read UBC-GIF DCIP OcTree formatted survey or data files.

This method can load survey locations, predicted data or observations files formatted for the UBC-GIF DCIP OcTree coding package. For more, see the UBC-GIF DCIP OcTree online manual.


The file path to the data file

data_type{‘volt’, ‘apparent_chargeability’, secondary_potential’}

Data type.


A SimPEG data object. The data from the input file is loaded and parsed into three attributes of the data object:

  • survey: the survey geometry as defined by an instance of :class`SimPEG.electromagnetics.static.resistivity.survey.Survey` or :class`SimPEG.electromagnetics.static.induced_polarization.survey.Survey`

  • dobs: observed/predicted data if present in the data file

  • standard_deviations: uncertainties (if observed data file) or apparent resistivities (if predicted data file)