SimPEG.utils.surface2ind_topo(mesh, topo, gridLoc='CC', method='nearest', fill_value=nan)[source]#

Get indices of active cells from topography.

For a mesh and surface topography, this function returns the indices of cells lying below the discretized surface topography.

meshdiscretize.TensorMesh or discretize.TreeMesh

Mesh on which you want to identify active cells

topo(n, 3) numpy.ndarray

Topography data as a numpyndarray with columns [x,y,z]; can use [x,z] for 2D meshes. Topography data can be unstructured.

gridLocstr {‘CC’, ‘N’}

If ‘CC’, all cells whose centers are below the topography are active cells. If ‘N’, then cells must lie entirely below the topography in order to be active cells.

methodstr {‘nearest’,’linear’}

Interpolation method for approximating topography at cell’s horizontal position. Default is ‘nearest’.


Defines the elevation for cells outside the horizontal extent of the topography data. Default is numpy.nan.

(n_active) numpy.ndarray of int

Indices of active cells below xyz.