simpegEM Utilities

SimPEG for EM provides a few EM specific utility codes, sources, and analytic functions.

Utilities for Electromagnetics

Analytic Functions - Time

SimPEG.EM.Analytics.TDEM.hzAnalyticDipoleT(r, t, sigma)[source]
SimPEG.EM.Analytics.TDEM.hzAnalyticCentLoopT(a, t, sigma)[source]

Analytic Functions - Frequency

SimPEG.EM.Analytics.FDEM.hzAnalyticDipoleF(r, freq, sigma, secondary=True, mu=1.2566370614359173e-06)[source]

4.56 in Ward and Hohmann

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)

SimPEG.EM.Analytics.FDEM.MagneticDipoleWholeSpace(XYZ, srcLoc, sig, f, moment=1.0, orientation='X', mu=1.2566370614359173e-06)[source]

Analytical solution for a dipole in a whole-space.

Equation 2.57 of Ward and Hohmann

  • set it up to instead take a mesh & survey

  • add E-fields

  • handle multiple frequencies

  • add divide by zero safety

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)

SimPEG.EM.Analytics.FDEM.ElectricDipoleWholeSpace(XYZ, srcLoc, sig, f, current=1.0, length=1.0, orientation='X', mu=1.2566370614359173e-06)[source]