FLOW: Vadose: van Genuchten#

Shows the water retention curve and the hydraulic conductivity function for a number of soil types.

For more information about the parameters used see:

The RETC code for quantifying the hydraulic functions of unsaturated soils, Van Genuchten, M Th, Leij, F J, Yates, S R

Water retention curve, Hydraulic conductivity function
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import discretize
from SimPEG.flow import richards

def run(plotIt=True):
    mesh = discretize.TensorMesh([10])
    VGparams = richards.empirical.VanGenuchtenParams()
    leg = []
    for p in dir(VGparams):
        if p[0] == "_":
        leg += [p]
        params = getattr(VGparams, p)
        k_fun, theta_fun = richards.empirical.van_genuchten(mesh, **params)

    plt.legend(leg, loc=3)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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