SimPEG 0.14.1 Release Notes#

June 8th, 2020

This release contains a few small bug fixes and parameter renaming for a few functions.

New Things#

The resitivity.Fields2D object now knows how to integrate its own fields! Meaning that you call get the phi, j, e, charge, and charge_density directly from the object itself without having to first call resistivity.simulation2D.fields_to_space(fields).

Also behind the scenes on the resitivity.Simulation2D class, we have hopefully improved the accuracy of the underlying transformation from the wavenumber domain (where the solution is) to the space domain (where the world is).


Resistivity Fields#

Because of the improvement to the resitivity.Fields2D object, the previous resistivity.simulation2D.fields_to_space(fields) method has been deprecated.

Resistivity Dipole source and receiver#

For the Dipole receiver in SimPEG.electromagnetics.static.resistivity.receivers, the locationsM and locationsN parameters are deprecated. They are now called locations_m and locations_n. There are now two ways to create a Dipole receiver:

rx = resistivity.receivers.Dipole(locations_m, locations_n)


rx = resistivity.receivers.Dipole(locations=(locations_m, locations_n))

Similarly, for the, Dipole source in SimPEG.electromagnetics.static.resistivity.sources, the locationA and locationB parameters are deprecated. They are now called location_a and location_b. There are now also two ways to create a Dipole source:

src = resistivity.sources.Dipole(rx_list, a_loc, b_loc)


src = resistivity.sources.Dipole(rx_list, location=(a_loc, b_loc))

static module cleanups#

The following attributes and methods have been deprecated and renamed

  • resistivity.Survey.m_locations -> resistivity.Survey.locations_m

  • resistivity.Survey.n_locations -> resistivity.Survey.locations_n

  • resistivity.Survey.a_locations -> resistivity.Survey.locations_a

  • resistivity.Survey.b_locations -> resistivity.Survey.locations_b

  • resistivity.Survey.drapeTopo -> resistivity.Survey.drape_electrodes_on_topography

  • utils.static_utils.gen_DCIPsurvey -> utils.static_utils.generate_dcip_survey

Additionally the following method has been deprecated, renamed, and had a few keyword arguments deprecated as well.

  • utils.static_utils.plot_pseudoSection -> utils.static_utils.plot_pseudosection * pcolorOpts -> pcolor_opts * data_location -> data_locations

The resistivity.Survey.getABMN_locations method is no longer necessary.


  • @lheagy

  • @jcapriot

  • @sgkang

  • @domfournier

  • @adamkosik

Pull requests#

  • #881: Bug fixes for 3D IP simulation

  • #884: Transform DC updates

  • #885: Fix IRLS Tutorial

  • #889: Import SolverLU straight from utils.

  • #890: Update

Closed issues#