SimPEG 0.14.2 Release Notes#

July 21st, 2020

This release contains some bug fixes that have cropped up since the last release, as well as a few additions from some new contributors!

New Things#

@ikding was kind enough to add in more predefined EM waveforms: the SimPEG.electromagnetics.time_domain.source.TriangularWaveform and SimPEG.electromagnetics.time_domain.source.HalfSineWaveform.


The defaults solvers located in SimPEG.utils.solver_utils will now accept arbitrary unused kwargs when wrapping a solver. It will warn the user that a kwarg will be unused. This should allow us to set method specific solver options that wont break the default solvers when they are not used.

Bugs Squashed#

We unfortunately allowed a small bug in the drape_electrodes_to_topography function in the last release. This should now work properly for 3D discretize.TensorMesh again.

There was also a syntax error in SimPEG.electromagnetics.frequency_domain.sources.RawVec_m that was identified and fixed.

There were also typos fixed, type checks were converted to isinstance checks instead, we updated the contributing guide to point towards the discourse group, and we’ve added a few more authors to the list.


  • @jcapriot

  • @lheagy

  • @ikding

  • @Zhuoliulz

  • @bluetyson

  • @thast

  • @rowanc1

Pull requests#

  • #892: only print the filename if we are going to save the dictionary on disk

  • #894: Missing comma fixed

  • #900: Update CONTRIBUTING.rst

  • #903: Implement new TDEM waveform (HalfSineWaveform and TriangularWaveform) & add waveform unit tests

  • #905: Typo cleanup & use isinstance for type checks

  • #907: Update AUTHORS.rst

  • #908: Update

  • #909: Charge bug fix for 2D cell centered DC field

  • #910: Update

  • #911: Allows logic to cull unused kwargs from inputs to a function

  • #912: bug fix for 3D tensor mesh drape topo.

  • #914: Docs/0.14.2 docs

Closed issues#