SimPEG 0.14.3 Release Notes#

November 19th, 2020

This release mostly contains bug fixes and/or smaller additions to the code base that add additional functionality. We apologize for the delay caused by testing difficulties.

New Things#

There is now a file reader for UBC formatted gravity gradient data files.

The class SimPEG.electromagnetics.frequency_domain.sources.LineCurrent now accepts a keyword argument option current to set the strength of the LineCurrent. This is similar behavoir to `SimPEG.electromagnetics.frequency_domain.sources.CircularLoop.

There are now a few more default options that are setting for the plotting routines in SimPEG.utils.plot_utils.plot2Ddata. We also now specifically overriding these default options for norm, levels, and zorder for the contourOpts dictionary input. There is also now a streamplotOpts dictionary input as well to handle keyword arguments to the stream plot.

This release will also be compatible with upcoming changes to the discretize package.

Bugs Squashed#

The sign convention when reading in the UBC gravity files has been adjusted to match SimPEG’s coordinate system convention. SimPEG uses a right handed coordinate system, with z being positive upwards, whereas in the UBC file, gravity was defined as positive downwards.

The user provided mapping for SimPEG.simulation.LinearSimulation was not being properly taken into account, and has now been fixed.

We have re-anabled the mu inverse testing of SimPEG.electromagnetics.frequency_domain classes, ensuring those tests also pass.


This is a combination of contributors and reviewers who’ve made contributions towards this release (in no particular order).

  • @xiaolongw1223

  • @jedman

  • @lheagy

  • @domfournier

  • @prisae

  • @dccowan

  • @thast

  • @jcapriot

Pull requests#

  • #916: Update AUTHORS.rst

  • #917: change the way of exporting magnetic data

  • #918: add current argument to LineCurrent

  • #921: Mu Inversion Test for FDEM

  • #922: Update

  • #927: Show memory usage in examples

  • #929: Dev/jpe nsem data fix

  • #931: Improve mag3d computation over node locations and more versatile pf IO

  • #936: fix mapping in LinearSimulation

  • #940: plot_utils: add defaults for all contour, streamplot etc. that can be overwritten by inputs

  • #952: 0.14.3 notes

Closed issues#

  • #919

  • #920

  • #933