SimPEG 0.15.1 Release Notes#

August 27th, 2021

This patch release contains several small bug fixes and improvements to the code base.


We now have a simple depth weighting function that can be used as cell weights for inversions. It is based off of the common potential fields definition:

wz = 1/(z - z_0)**(q/2)

The way SimPEG handles the definition of standard deviation calculated from the mix of relative error and noise levels is slightly changed to respect a more statistically accurate combination of the two components. It is now:

standard_deviation = sqrt(noise_level**2 + (relative_error * abs(d_obs))**2)

In addition,

  • Removed a bit of dead code

  • Fixed some typos in documentation

  • Removed all references to old numpy matrix class and replaced with appropriate array functions.

  • Added clarification to the gravity examples explaining why SimPEG’s gravity module looks backwards.

  • removed some internal references to deprecated properties


This is a combination of contributors and reviewers who’ve made contributions towards this release (in no particular order).

Pull requests#

  • #1004: Depth weighting function in “”

  • #1009: Fix PGI gallery example

  • #1016: Remove dead code

  • #1019: Update

  • #1022: Change definition of standard deviation

  • #1024: Add notes to gravity examples

  • #1025: Updates to fix the test errors

  • #1026: Replace np.matlib.repmat by np.tile

  • #1027: Replace np.matrix by regular ndarrays

  • #1029: Fix Typo in

  • #1034: rename .freqs to frequencies

  • #1035: 0.15.1 Release Notes