SimPEG 0.16.0 Release Notes#

January 14th, 2022

This minor release encompasses many different additions and improvements that have been made to SimPEG since the previous release!


  • More Joint Inversion

  • 0.14.0 deprecations changed to errors

  • Bug fixes!

Joint Inversion#

There are now multiple new joint inversion regularization schemes implemented in SimPEG, namely, Cross-Gradient, Joint total variation, and a Linear correspondance. These are meant to be our first pass at implementing these joint inversion schemes in SimPEG. As such we are open modifying them as users experiment with them. We have currently a tutorial using cross gradient that can be extended to the other methodologies, but most we want feedback on their successes and failures, in order to further improve their useability.

Removed Functions#

All functions that were marked as deprecated in the SimPEG 0.14.0, the “Simulation” release, have been removed consistent with the warnings. They now explicitly throw errors pointing the users to the new locations, forcing a necessary change.


This is a combination of contributors and reviewers who’ve made contributions towards this release (in no particular order).

Pull requests#

  • #943: Cross-gradient joint inversion

  • #1057: Fix pgi tutorials accounting volume twice

  • #1060: change 0.16.0 warns to errors

  • #1061: fix standard deviation in make synthetic data

  • #1062: Joint total variation

  • #1064: 0.16.0 Release Notes