SimPEG 0.17.0 Release Notes#

April 15th, 2022

This minor release contains new magnetotelluric simulations, improved electromagnetic sources, and efforts to unify some of the underlying PDE codes.


  • Natural Source Revamp

  • IP simplications

  • PDE internal

  • Line current source improvements for electromagnetics

  • More bug fixes!

Natural Source#

There is a significant revamp of the natural source module for magnetotelluric simulations. The underlying simulation for 3D has been unified to make use of the frequency domain simulations internally, which reduced the number of repeated code lines. The 3D simulations now are handled completely by using the PlanewaveXY1D source, which enables the primary-secondary formulation using both x and y polarizations of a 1D primary field. There are also new 1D simulations implemented using both an analytical layered solution, and another using simple boundary conditions. Finally we have also implemented 2D magnetotelluric simulations using boundary conditions of a 1D model on each side. These simulations all now use the same receiver class too.

Internal PDE Simplifications#

Internally the IP and SIP simulations have been significantly simplified due to our consolidated PDE mass matrices that have been unified into a base PDE class.

Line Currents#

Line currents are now able to be used for HJ formulations of the time domain and frequency domain simulations.


This is a combination of contributors and reviewers who’ve made contributions towards this release (in no particular order).

Pull requests#

  • #946: Simulation mt - Part1

  • #1030: Line current for HJ formulation

  • #1065: remove disqus from the footer

  • #1066: Update

  • #1069: MT 1D/2D with bounds

  • #1070: Pde base

  • #1074: Fix type (solver_opts, not solver_spts)

  • #1079: 0.17.0 Release Staging