SimPEG 0.18.1 Release Notes#

November 9th, 2022

This release patches a few small bugs from the previous release.

Bug Fixes#

Several small bugs have been squashed

  • DC 2D cell centered fields now respect the boundary conditions when querying for current density and the electric field.

  • For the 1D electromagnetic simulations, LineCurrent sources were not being correctly queried to verify they were above the surface. They now also respect the current attribute.

  • The alpha_phi property was not properly hooked into the __init__ function of PGI regularization.

  • When determining the quasi geology model of PGI, we were incorrectly applying the model mappings to the reference model, (inconsistent with its definition).

  • Removed dependance on six package, as we haven’t supported python 2 for a while, and cleaned up leftover future imports.


This is a combination of contributors and reviewers who’ve made contributions towards this release (in no particular order).

Pull requests#

  • #1122: fix unnecessary call to maplist on the reference model

  • #1123: Cleanup six and __future__ imports

  • #1126: fix alpha multipliers in PGI

  • #1128: Fix for 2D_CC boundary conditions

  • #1129: Line current 1D fix

  • #1130: Fix broken math in regularization docs

  • #1131: 0.18.1 release