class SimPEG.meta.MultiprocessingSumMetaSimulation(simulations, mappings, n_processes=None)[source]#

Bases: MultiprocessingMetaSimulation, SumMetaSimulation

A multiprocessing version of SumMetaSimulation.

See the documentation of MultiprocessingMetaSimulation for details on how to use multiprocessing for you operating system.

simulations(n_sim) list of SimPEG.simulation.BaseSimulation

The list of unique simulations that each handle a piece of the problem.

mappings(n_sim) list of SimPEG.maps.IdentityMap

The map for every simulation. Every map should accept the same length model, and output a model appropriate for its paired simulation.


The number of processes to spawn internally. This will default to multiprocessing.cpu_count(). The number of processes spawned will be the minimum of this number and the number of simulations.


Jtvec(m, v[, f])

Jtv = Jtvec(m, v, f=None) Effect of transpose of J(m) on a vector v.

Jvec(m, v[, f])

Jv = Jvec(m, v, f=None) Effect of J(m) on a vector v.

dpred(m[, f])

Create the projected data from a model.

getJtJdiag(m[, W, f])

Return the squared sum of columns of the Jacobian.