class SimPEG.meta.SumMetaSimulation(simulations, mappings)[source]#

Bases: MetaSimulation

An extension of the MetaSimulation that sums the data outputs.

This class requires the mappings have the same input length and each simulation to have the same number of data.

This could be useful for a linear problem where each simulation tackles a different subset of the model.

simulations(n_sim) list of SimPEG.simulation.BaseSimulation
mappings(n_sim) list of SimPEG.maps.IdentityMap



The list of simulations.


Jtvec(m, v[, f])

Jtv = Jtvec(m, v, f=None) Effect of transpose of J(m) on a vector v.

Jvec(m, v[, f])

Jv = Jvec(m, v, f=None) Effect of J(m) on a vector v.

dpred(m[, f])

Create the projected data from a model.

getJtJdiag(m[, W, f])

Return the squared sum of columns of the Jacobian.