Simulation3DIntegral.evaluate_integral(receiver_location, components)[source]#

Compute the forward linear relationship between the model and the physics at a point and for all components of the survey.

  • receiver_location (numpy.ndarray) – array with shape (n_receivers, 3) Array of receiver locations as x, y, z columns.

  • components (list[str]) – List of gravity components chosen from: ‘gx’, ‘gy’, ‘gz’, ‘gxx’, ‘gxy’, ‘gxz’, ‘gyy’, ‘gyz’, ‘gzz’, ‘guv’

  • tolerance (float) – Small constant to avoid singularity near nodes and edges.

Rtype numpy.ndarray:



ndarray with shape (n_components, n_cells) Dense array mapping of the contribution of all active cells to data components:

rows =
    g_1 = [g_1x g_1y g_1z]
    g_2 = [g_2x g_2y g_2z]
    g_c = [g_cx g_cy g_cz]