Electromagnetics Utilities (SimPEG.electromagnetics.utils)#

Current Utilities#

edge_basis_function(t, a1, l1, h1, a2, l2, h2)

Edge basis function

getStraightLineCurrentIntegral(hx, hy, hz, ...)

Compute straight current line integral

segmented_line_current_source_term(mesh, locs)

Calculate a source term for a line current source on a mesh

line_through_faces(mesh, locations[, ...])

Define line current through cell faces

getSourceTermLineCurrentPolygon(xorig, hx, ...)

getSourceTermLineCurrentPolygon is deprecated.

Waveform Utilities#


Compute angular frequency from frequency

k(frequency, sigma[, mu, eps])

Wavenumber for EM waves in homogeneous media

VTEMFun(time, ta, tb, a)

VTEM waveform function

convolve_with_waveform(func, waveform, times)

convolves the function with the given waveform